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5 Items for Feeding and Changing Baby

November 5, 2011

I made some impulsive baby product purchases over the weekend.  Nothing terribly significant like a stroller..there’s already 5 of those in the garage..but am still annoyed with myself for getting caught up in the hype of this new store opening, and buying baby items based on brand and packaging.  The fun way to shop!  Versus my usual obsessively researched method.  This is what I brought home, where (else) you can get it, and why it just might work for your little one.

What to buy (or not)

#1 Boon Snack Ball
#2 Skip Hop Zoo Bib
#3 Boon Gnaw
#4 Hoppop Drinking Cup
#5 Diapees & Wipees Waterproof Carrier

Where to buy

For today’s items, I shopped at Wonder!, a brand new higher end children’s megastore in Deerfield, IL.  But it all can be found at too.  Check out Where to Buy for more information.

Why to buy

#1 The Boon Snack Ball is advertised for children 9 months and older.  Ha!  My 2.5 yr old son cannot open this thing!  So, it is true that it won’t spill.  Because YOU will be opening it and handing your child his snack.  Ours is filled with rocks and used as a “musical” instrument.  Try Munchkin Snack Catchers instead.

#2  The Skip Hop Zoo bib is great!  It meets my bib criteria for Feeding Baby on the Go, and then some.  It folds up into a built-in pouch, perfect for transporting a dirty bib.T Gnaw and SH bib

#3 I truly had no idea what the Boon Gnaw was when I picked it off the shelf.  And didn’t bother to read the directions on the box, so me and my 7 month old struggled with it for a few days.  Now that I’ve figured out it’s a clip-on teether with retractable mesh to insert food, I like it and so does my son.  But it takes just the right size slice of banana, not too big, not too small, to actually work.  Meaning fit inside the mesh and also not fall out.  I use a little bottle nipple brush to clean it which is a lot of work for something intended for the modern dishwasher using family.  This is entirely too messy for anywhere but a high chair, but the Sassy Teething Feeder is much easier to use for parent and child.

#4 The age appropriateness of this cup per the labeling of the Hoppop Drinking Cup is waaaay off.  It says 4 months, but has no valve so the liquid literally pours out of a small hole like a to-go coffee cup.  Any sippy cup is better than this one.  My 7 month old likes his NUK Learner Sippy Cup and my 2.5 y/o uses the CamelBak 0.4-Liter Kids Bottle.

#5  I received an original cotton Diapees and Wipees carrier as a gift and used it all the time after transitioning from a diaper bag to a large purse.  It carries a couple of diapers depending on the size and a travel case of wipes.  The patterns are modern and the latest versions are even more functional, constructed in waterproof fabrics.  When you aren’t carrying a bag or purse, the Kalencom Quick Change Kit is perfect for carrying the minimal necessities. All surfaces are waterproof making it easy to clean, and it’s compact. The only downside to contend with is the obnoxious print selection. I bought the Skip Hop Pronto because it comes in solid black, but don’t like it nearly as well.  It is very bulky even closed, too big unfolded on a public restroom changing table, and the zip off changing pad zips off on its own!

IMG_1930Back to my trusted research before you buy method!

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  1. Grace permalink
    November 8, 2011 12:27 PM

    Love all your entries so far, and especially enjoy your no-nonsense, witty, and honest writing style. I hope mothers everywhere can benefit from your exhaustive research and expertise!

  2. Erin permalink
    January 14, 2013 2:08 PM

    Buying items today from your list as we are starting solids with my little one 🙂 thanks for all of your good ideas!

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