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Happy 1st Birthday!

March 9, 2012

My baby boy turned 1!

With the newborn, infant, and now baby stages behind him, he is officially a toddler. When my older son passed this milestone, I cried. This time, I’m thrilled! I have less to mourn in the year past and much more to anticipate in this next season. Walking, talking, further engaging with me, his dad & brother, his peers. No more diapers.. I can’t wait!

Here he is on the morning of this milestone achievement with his (pink) pacifier and transitional object “Bear.” His morning ritual begins by tossing both items back into the crib right on cue when I say “say bye-bye to your pacifier and bear” and then gives me a high five. Sometimes he gets a little choked up, but still follows through as if something internal, above and beyond my nudging, is motivating him.

I opened his birthday gift ahead of time so it was ready for action at breakfast. Actually because it was too awkward to wrap, but taking it out of the box proved a good choice. His 3-year-old brother soon took ownership so thankfully he is still easily distracted by just about anything.

He went helmet-free for his big day, and loved it!

Here is the birthday boy enjoying his favorite finger food – spicy black beans!

Chocolate frosting, YUM!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet T!

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  1. Laura permalink
    March 13, 2012 8:22 AM

    He is so cute! Happy birthday little man!!!

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