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About Me

A civil engineer turned stay-at-home mom raising two little boys in the suburbs of Chicago. Originally from the Midwest, I headed West to California post college for 11 sunny years before my husband’s job relocated us to the Windy City. It’s temporary, or so I think.

Our first son was planned in typical engineering fashion. We were in the process of adopting (and still are) a toddler when I discovered I was pregnant again. Baby #2 took us by complete surprise, a pleasant one, of course.. Since we intended on only having one baby in the house, I gave away my first son’s gear as he outgrew it. And that along with input from many experienced mothers provided me the opportunity to truly buy only what works the second time around.

I’ve enjoyed helping many first time parents determine which baby items they genuinely need to meet their lifestyles and that of their little ones. I hope you find this information useful as you navigate through what to buy for your new baby!

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